Red Shed Garden Perpetual To Do List:

(here are some things that always need to be done)

  • Weed and water the communal beds. 

  • Straighten up the furniture and put away any misplaced tools.

  • Water flowers and trees (inside the garden & on the sidewalk).

  • Pick up trash on the sidewalk outside the garden.

  • Turn the compost (use the corkscrew in the shed).

  • Weed the paths (anything growing in the paths is a weed).

  • Harvest for yourself from the communal beds and fruit trees.

  • Plan a project for the next workday (write a budget, propose it, lead it).

  • Distribute any mulch, dirt, etc. that has been delivered.

Things to remember:

  • Shed lock combination: 2082

  • All expenses for the garden exceeding $25 need to be voted on.

  • Keep the receipts for anything you are requesting reimbursement for.

  • Anything grown in the communal beds is fair game for everyone.

  • Leave the gate open, the garden is always open to the public.

Download the Expense Reimbursement Form here.